Will white people riot if Obama wins?

Yeah, I wrote about this very question, asked by a white Memphis man, here. And it got linked here and here and then, places like here.

I don’t really have any problem with people reading what I wrote and twisting my words around. I am SO used to that. But here’s my problem, dilemma, frustration – whatever.

Um, people, (really, this is white people, I have yet to hear this accusation from someone black) – if I write about race, it does not make me a racist. Imagine that… I can talk about race, write about race, think about race, doodle about race – but unless I am using the power that I have (which is NONE) to negatively affect the quality of someone else’s life based on race-based prejudice – then it’s not racist.

I would like to suggest we expand our vocabulary, for accuracy’s sake, to be precise with the language.

If you don’t like what I write – maybe I’m prejudiced, or bigoted. Or ill-informed or completely uninformed. Or you could go 2nd grade on me and call me a doody head.

But racist I am not. I simply don’t have the power to be one.

And if that doesn’t convince you, I have plenty of white friends!


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