What to wear… for history’s sake

Tomorrow, history may be made. I hope. I pray. I hope and pray but not too hard because the disappointment, I just don’t know what I would do with it.

Usually, when history is made, it’s more spontaneous, so you don’t have time to plan. But what I want to know is… what should I wear  – what would be appropriate attire – for Election Day 2008?

Should I dress up, in preparation for a celebration? Or dress low-key, so I won’t jinx it? The weather will be in the 70s – I could wear a nice skirt, but who am I dressing up for? It’s not ME who will make history tomorrow, although I suppose I played a small (one vote) part in it, IF it’s made. 

I can’t even bring myself to specify exactly what the history to be made is… that’s how nervous I am. So instead, I’ll worry about what I should wear on a day like Nov. 4, 2008. 

Off to the closet I go, to see what my options are for history’s sake.


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