Rev. Jeremiah Wright comes to U of M…

on the same night (Friday) I have expensive tickets to “The Color Purple.” But boy, would I have loved to heard him talk. Would he be the Jeremiah Wright I heard on Bill Moyers talk show pre-election, quite scholarly sounding? Or would he be a pastorly performer in the style that he was at the National Press Club, in the speech that left now-President Obama no choice but to drop him? 

I always found it interesting that while Wright was eviscerated for speaking the truth – students of Scripture will know it’s full of references of reaping what you sow – which is what Wright was suggesting America, with its history of bellicose ways, would do when he said “God damn America,” and in fact, God has damned nations and peoples in the Old Testament (but I doubt writers who were ripping him apart could even find Exodus in the Bible) – while two white pastors Hagee and Robertson got a pass. And Hagee, at least, had given his support to McCain at the time. 

Kudos to the University of Memphis for bringing him in. Do a podcast of his speech!