Good news for Tennessee voters

What you WON'T have to show to vote

What you WON'T have to show to vote

According to The Commercial Appeal, a bill that would have required you to show ID to vote is all but dead.

WARNING: I’m going to talk about race in like a sentence or two. And you can’t stop me.

This is good news for Democrats, but also for people of color and poor people (the latter two groups tend to vote Democratic, because they’re voting in their best interest – if you don’t follow me, I’ll explain that some other day).

The bill preys on the fear that hundreds of thousands of people are subverting the democratic process by voting illegally. I say fear, because there’s no proof that voter fraud is a real problem, except for isolated and EXPOSED incidents about the “dead” voters in Memphis a few years back. Doesn’t help that the people who got caught doing this were black, but still, there’s no proof that this is going on around the state or at a level to affect the outcome of elections.

Sure, you could argue that one fraudulent vote is one too many, and that we should put measures in place BEFORE it becomes a problem, you know, be proactive and all that. Except that when the voting rules change, people of color are disproportionately affected. That may not be the intent, but that’s the effect.

Poll taxes, literacy tests, ID at the polls – not all the same thing, but they have the same effect.