“High”-ly selective law enforcement

Smoking weed is STILL illegal

Smoking weed is STILL illegal

Every year this bothers me, but this is the first year it’s bothered me when I’ve had a blog!

April 20 is like the unofficial “Celebrate Weed By Carrying Yourself To A Park And Smoking In Public Knowing The Police Ain’t Gonna Do Ish” Day. And the Memphis daily paper covers this like it’s – oh, happy day.

Um, smoking weed is still illegal. The cops know people are over in the park getting high – but do they go to arrest anyone? Tell them to put out their joints? Give a menacing stare? NO….

This is what’s known as selective law enforcement. Let Pookie and his crew be riding down the street in a Caddy with rims and watch them get pulled over just on GP. Let Brad and Jenny go to a public park on a day devoted to getting high and the police pay no attention.

A quote from The Commercial Appeal’s story:

Although police circled the park, no uniformed officers could be seen among the faithful.

Now, whether marijuana should be legalized is another discussion, and frankly, one I have no interest in. I have never smoked weed, never wanted to – but do have relatives who started out on weed and moved to stronger things. Watch “Intervention,” see how weed CAN be a gateway drug for some people, watch how they progress from weed to joints with weed and crack to just crack, and then come back and lie to me about how harmless it is.

Must be nice to be able to be in blatant defiance of the law and know you won’t be arrested or even hassled.