Mazel tov!

No clue what this says: But the Brit Milah was amazing!

No clue what this says: But the Brit Milah was amazing!

Today I attended my first brit milah, the ritual circumcision that all Jewish boys go through at eight days old. I was familiar with the concept,  not the details, but it was a beautiful service.

I was honored to even be invited by the parents. The father I know better than the mother, but they’re both salt-of-the-earth folks. And the baby boy’s little sister even had a little part in the service – at which point I did get verklempt.

As I sat through the service, I thought – how wonderful this would be if every child, regardless of religion or the circumstances of his/her birth, could be welcomed into the world with such deliberation.

I’m not suggesting we all convert to Judaism but the Christian christenings or baby blessings I’ve been to were rather brief and tacked on to the end of a Sunday morning service.

Here’s a passage that all the relatives present read to the baby boy:

“May he always know that his family and relatives cherish him and value him simply because he is a unique and beautiful human being whose life we are privileged to share.”

Isn’t that beautiful? No expectations, just unconditional love.

What if we started every child out with such a ceremony? There is the power of life and death in the tongue and this little boy had amazing words of life spoken over him today.