But is he qualified?

Justice David Souter to retire, 44 gets to pick a new Justice!

Justice David Souter to retire, 44 gets to pick a new Justice!

An innocuous tweet – or so I thought – about who should be the next U.S. Supreme Court Justice led to something that makes my butt itch.

I said I hope the next addition to the SCOTUS is an Asian, Latino or Native American woman. Why? Because the court needs to look like America and right now, its a bunch of white men, a black man and a white woman. NOT AMERICA.

Now if you’re a white man, this probably doesn’t bother you much. I must admit, I am not at all perturbed that the NBA is dominated by black men. Except ballers are not setting policy and precedent that can seep into the most personal areas of my life – say, my uterus.

The tweets I got in reply were soooo typical – why don’t we just get the most qualified person? Oh, is that how you think justices are selected? On qualifications? Presidents too? How about senators, mayors, elected officials of all rank?

No, dear. People pick people they’re comfortable with which explains why all but two of the Supreme Court Justices have been white. Are there black, Asian, Latino and Native American people qualified to sit on the court? Of course they are. But we only dither about qualifcations when it comes to people of color because we’re starting with the assumption that white people (men, in particular) are almost always qualified, but those colored folks, gotta watch them.

This ish BURNS ME UP. It’s prejudice, it’s bigotry and it’s held in the hearts who would swear they cling to neither.

Hat tip to Left Wing Cracker for this link:http://meteor-blades.dailykos.com/ with photos of Souter’s possible replacements. Scroll down a bit to see the photos. LWC says Teresa Wynn Roseborough has Memphis ties!