Wall of Death? Yeah…. no, thanks.

Wall of Death at Beale Street Music Festival

Wall of Death at Beale Street Music Festival

And my colleague at The CA, Lindsey Turner, is probably wishing she had too.

A must-read – her hilarious, near-death, shoe-claiming experience at the Beale Street Music Festival today when Rise Against called for a Wall of Death.Read it here.

I know my people do some dumb ish (grills, rims, supporting the misogyny that is 3-6.), but this is something that I think would only happen in a predominantly white crowd. (If hundreds of black folk did this, it’d be called a freakin’ RIOT. Don’t tase me, bro!)

Running at full speed at other folks? Why? If you mess up a brother’s shoes or a sister’s hair, then it’s not a Wall of Death, it’s an all-out hoo-fest (old school folk remember hoo-ing). Hoo = fight.