ISO gun rights advocates

First Amendnent came before the Second, dudes.

First Amendnent came before the Second, dudes.

And in this case, ISO does not stand for In Search Of.

No, it’s I’m Scared Of some  gun rights advocates. Why? Because whenever someone says or writes anything that their brains interpret (this is key – because what you SAY isn’t important, how they interpret it is all that matters) as anti-gun, some of them go wacko. And my column today could fall in the anti-gun category, depending on your hypersensitivity level.

I saw what happened to the editor and publisher of the paper I work for when SOME (not all, so if this does not apply to you, keep moving) gun rights advocates took exception with the paper’s ONLINE publication of the handgun carry permit database. These wackos put maps to these men’s houses online, posted the names and pictures of their kids, etc. – basically tried to intimidate them into silence.  The publisher had to get security at his house. (I won’t mention how I got absolutely NO attention from anyone at my company with any of three death threats I’ve gotten – NONE – oops, I just mentioned it! Not that I’m bitter that my black life means so little to them…)

So I’m hoping that all the folks who were so evil and mean spirited to the paper’s editor and my ultimate boss, the publisher, do not read today’s paper.

Regardless, the way you trust in your guns, I trust in my God. My  God beats your guns every day and twice on Sundays. And guess what day it is….