Facebook makes people crazy – and I have proof

YoVille: Where FB Crazy begins

YoVille: Where FB Crazy begins

So tonight, I get a call from a DEAR friend who says she has a favor she really, really, really needs me to do. IMMEDIATELY if not sooner.

I’m thinking the worst  – I got to be the lookout on a drive-by, I got to hit up the ATM for bail money, what.

No, this FRIEND says I need to get her cakes out of the oven in Yoville. She wants me – no, needs me to sign in to her FB account and get her cakes out of the oven so she can make some coins. Her Internet is out, her cakes are going to burn and she needs me to GET. THEM. OUT. NOW.


Yoville is a game that is basically, I have gathered, a virtual town in a virtual world. She has an apartment that needs more furnishings, she needs clothes, she’d like a cat. She needs the money she’ll make from these cakes to buy stuff. She used to work at the widget factory, she goes on to explain, but she wasn’t making enough money, so she switched to the sweets shop.

I’m like – OK… and am shaking my head as I’m signing on to her FB, but clearly this is very important to her. She guides me through the steps to get the cakes out of the oven and she’s like – I can hear the coins! and I’m thinking – WOW. WOW.

Here’s just a sampling of the CRAZINESS she went on to share:

“I can’t even buy a virtual toilet for my virtual bathroom because I don’t have enough coin… I’m just saying. They don’t give you a salary that is commensurate with your experience in this town…. If my friend hadn’t gifted me those really cool sky jeans, I would not be wearing the really cool sky jeans… A cat cost several dollars!… I’m not going to put cakes in the oven while (my boyfriend) is in town because I don’t want to have to sneak out of bed at night to get my cakes out.”

I read this back to her and asked her – does this sound crazy to you? And she said, “Yes… but if you played the game for 10 minutes, you’d understand it…. It’s stupid fun, is all I’m saying.”

I laughed so hard as she was explaining all the intricacies of this – because she was so serious about this and all the ways she can make coin – like playing tic-tac-toe with another resident of Yoville – that I was literally crying. She was so intense and this is a game. On Facebook.

She was like – you didn’t play any fantasy games when you were growing up? You didn’t play Barbies? And I thought about it and was like – no. We NEVER had any video game system (my hand-eye coordination sucks to this day), but we did have Monopoly, which is the only game I remember playing as a kid. My parents wouldn’t buy me or my sisters Barbie dolls, because they didn’t want us thinking we’d grow up to be 5-10 with long legs and big boobs. (My parents’ premonitions were right, for the most part.)

So mostly, we played with/tormented each other and read books. And I became a writer who COULD NOT WAIT to put her crazy, Yoville living, cake-baking friend on her blog.

2 thoughts on “Facebook makes people crazy – and I have proof

  1. You are so wrong for that. But, yes, reading it, I did sound crazy.
    Ok, have to go harvest my virtual crops in Farmville now or they’ll wither and die. And I’ll lose Farmville bucks!!!

  2. Funniest post EVER! I had a friend who’s hubby made her delete her FB account after he discovered she had been actually been buying coins for farmville with her credit card. Crazy! I tried farmville but just couldn’t see the thrill in it. Needless to say, my crops withered and died. Now…Bejeweled Blitz? I’m a little addicted.

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