First Butt Itch of 2010 – Pat Robertson

First check this out:

The good Reverend Robertson, if you can’t stomach watching this, says that Haitians made a deal with the devil (literally) to get out from under French control and ever since, they’ve been cursed – like with that hurricane earthquake yesterday that flattened most of the island. And that Haiti, as a nation, needs to turn to God. His God, of course.

Well, 96 percent of the Haitian population, from my quick research, is Catholic or Protestant. Which leaves 4 percent who may practice nothing, or voodoo, or crazy, which is Robertson’s faith of choice.

The thing that kills me is that as he’s spouting all this garbage about brown people on his show, a sistah of color is sitting there, nodding knowingly, as if she’s empathetic to all this ish. Someone get me her name and number, because I would truly like to go all Raleigh-Bartlett on her in the street. Pull a track loose or something.

And another thing: Where are all the evangelical leaders calling for Robertson to apologize and where are the statements distancing themselves from this idiot? Silence is tacit agreement, y’all.

6 thoughts on “First Butt Itch of 2010 – Pat Robertson

  1. Wendi, you’re not going to hear the condemnation from other Evangelical leaders.

    We at Truth Wins Out, as well as the guys at Box Turtle Bulletin and the Rachel Maddow Show, have learned this all too well in trying to spread the word about the “kill the gays” bill in Uganda. It took Rachel’s public shaming to get Rick Warren to condemn the bill, and it’s taken the shaming of the gay blogosphere to get many American Evangelicals to condemn the legislation, as well as some of their implicit involvement in setting the scene for that legislation to be introduced.

    They are shameless, and the only time they condemn rhetoric like this is when it’s exposed and it becomes embarrassing for them not to. They’d rather stay silent, though.

  2. Napoleon “the Third or whatever”, eh!? Nice one, Pat!

    I felt bad for that minister at the beginning of the clip. “Blessing in disguise”? Who might pay for that massive rebuilding effort?

    Geez, Louise …

  3. Her name is Kristi Watts-

    As a woman of faith…this is why people aren’t buying what he’s selling…

  4. ….and just think: these are men of God saying these things!! These are the guys who are supposed to be full of compassion and love for their fellow human beings. Time to pull the plug on Pat Robertson.

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