Your True Calling…

So I’m reading O Magazine tonight (Oprah’s joint) and there’s this article in there titled “What’s Your True Calling?” And I wasn’t going to read it, because I think/thought that writing IS my true calling. I mean, I’m an introvert and by definition, writing is a solo activity. I love words like other people love people (will take this matter to my therapist, of course) and I LOVE to read. So – a writer has always felt like a good fit and I’ve gotten paid to do it since I was 20.

But one of the exercises in said article said to list “every time you remember being utterly, happily absorbed in an activity, no matter how odd.” And the FIRST thing that came to mind was when I lived in Nashville, and I was very involved in my church. Which made it awkward when I LIED and told them that I knew how to design in Quark and that we really should be using a Mac to design the church newsletter and after all, all we needed was the Mac and Quark and Photoshop and a few other programs and I could have that thing looking – not like a church newsletter.

And then – one day – the assistant pastor at the church called me in – and she’d bought everything I’d asked for and was ready for me to design the newsletter on Quark. Except I DID NOT KNOW QUARK.

Which brings me to the point of being utterly, happily absorbed. I played that ish off, and asked where the manual for Quark was. I took that brick of a book home and read it every night, literally falling asleep with my face in the pages for at least a week. And when I got a chance to design – I could stay in the church office for HOURS, designing my little heart away.

I miss that.


3 thoughts on “Your True Calling…

  1. I must say that I love this story. And that clearly, something is tugging at your heart to get you more fully involved in a faith community. Hmmm… My mom loved seeing you at the Kairos closing. Maybe there’s something in that community? I am hoping you have a good church home. I bet they need a newsletter expert…

  2. Jessica:

    I’m not an organized religion sort of gal (growing up Pentecostal can do that do you), but I wouldn’t mind pursuing this bliss for a group that was following Christ’s example, if that makes any sense. Trying now to figure out how to do that. Say a prayer for me.

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