Let Jessie Dotson Live

Well, I’m not sure I’d put that on a T-shirt – but then again, why not? I am against the death penalty – in any form, for any reason, for anyone. Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord – or so a good book says – and by “mine,” the author did not mean “me.” The “mine” is God.

For those not familiar with  Memphis news, Jessie Dotson was found guilty this week of shooting or stabbing to death six members of his family, including children. A jury sentenced him to death by lethal injection and by the time all the paperwork is done and appeals finished, the state will have spent more to kill Dotson than it would have to incarcerate him for life (a fair punishment).

But the economics of it isn’t why I’m against the death penalty. And I won’t even go into how the death penalty is disproportionately applied to convicts of color when the cases are the same. That’s not my conflict with the death penalty.

The death penalty says, in effect, that a man (0r woman, or people) have decided that a life is utterly irredeemable and should be ended. I do not believe that. There is worth in each individual, and God/Allah/a higher power can transform what we believe is trash. Isn’t that the essence of most major religions, that the Creator has the power to work miracles? And when the state kills someone, this God-crazy country temporarily suspends its religious faith and calls for blood.

You can believe what you want. But if I am ever murdered – and I’ve told my family this, including my brother, who is an attorney and also against the death penalty – show my killer the grace and mercy he/she did not show me.


One thought on “Let Jessie Dotson Live

  1. I’m in favor of an eye for an eye.

    I believe I remember seeing this story on The First 48. If that’s the story I’m thinking about, that murder was both grisley and reprehensible. I agree with the death penalty because I don’t think that we should feed and care for people like this. I respect your opinion, but if we used the death penalty 25 times a day in every state in the nation and didn’t stop for a few years, this country would probably be a better place.

    This topic is kinda like abortion, either you agree with it or you don’t, there is no middle ground.

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