Tracking what gun violence has stolen from America

Gun Deaths and Data VizCheck out this powerful way to frame gun violence – as a relentless robbery of potential. Periscopic took FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports and time-lapsed the years left that the victims (based on other calculations) would have likely lived. In just 2010, the latest year for which FBI UCR reports were available, America lost 414,046 years worth of promise, ideas, innovation, relationships, creativity, work and more.

My only beef has nothing to do with the execution, which is amazing, or the methodology, which is sound, but the premise. This data viz presumes that society believes these lives have value. Based on my knowledge of public policy and America’s approach to criminal justice and gun violence, I’m not sure that’s true.

Still, this site is worth checking out. Play around with it – filter the victims by gender, race, age, part of the country, and most importantly: relationship. Most violent crimes are not stranger-danger scenarios. The violence occurs between people who know each other, often those who had been in romantic relationships. One example:  Sedrick Clayton, who is accused in the 2012 shooting deaths of his girlfriend, Pashea Fisher, and her parents in South Memphis. The death penalty trial is scheduled to begin this week.


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