America apologize for slavery? As. IF.

NavioNegreiroIn an article titled “How to Apologize for Slavery,” The Atlantic’s  asks: So what would it take for the U.S. to see an interest in apologizing for slavery?

Let me answer that: A miracle. A national soul-transplant. A trip to the Land of Oz to get us some courage. A degree of humility and honesty that American does not possess and has no interest in acquiring.

Johnson offers examples of three African nations that struggled with whether/how to apologize for slavery. (Spoiler alert: Benin got it right.)

But as for the United States? GTFOH.

Slavery itself did not end because of U.S. moral obligation or Lincoln’s sense of guilt, but because a large swath of the country felt it was in the nation’s strategic, and eventually military, interest to emancipate black people.

Writes Johnson:

 A recent YouGov poll shows that 54 percent of Americans do not support a formal government apology for slavery, and another 18 percent are unsure. Further, 68 percent do not support reparations payments to descendants of slaves, and 57 percent don’t even support reparations in the form of education or job-training. For many Americans, like many Nigerians, the country is facing more pressing concerns than the ills of slavery or racism. Besides, as some thinking goes, voting in a black president twice must count for something.



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