Inequality matters: White students more likely to have experienced teachers

Credit: TutorNerds

Credit: TutorNerds

From The Washington Post: How teacher hiring puts black and Hispanic kids at a disadvantage

[S]chools in Los Angeles often wind up putting children of color in classrooms with teachers who have less skill and experience than those who teach their white classmates.

Teachers often don’t want to teach in schools in impoverished neighborhoods, because the job is so much more exhausting than in schools where the students come from happier homes and are generally better behaved.

This rings true. At White Station High, then the best public high school in Memphis, the best teachers taught in the optional program (majority white). Several retired and went to teach in private schools. Almost all of my teachers in the optional program were white. Few of my classmates in optional were black. At the time, I thought WSHS was a utopia. I now know it was anything but, particularly for those who didn’t have the class/race privilege to work the system.

The article continues:

In a district such as Los Angeles, teachers with seniority might have a contractual right to transfer to a post of their choice. Younger teachers who are just learning the profession end up working with poorer students, who are also often students of color.

“Our schools serving our most disadvantaged students are the places where novice teachers get hired and broken in,” Kane said. “Once they develop some experience, they move to other schools.”


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